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I had access to the internet from a young age and I’ve learned that somewhere on the net there is an answer to every question. Not that the answer is correct mind you, but at least it exists out there. As the internet has grown it’s become harder and harder to find things that are useful.

As a long standing internet citizen I have had plenty of opportunity to try many things and many websites. To share what I know, I’ve put together a list of some things I find useful for life, business and everything.

Business & Startups

1. ZohoCRM is an excellent system and is completely free for up to 3 users

2. When writing code you should keep a version controlled repository in the cloud, and bitbucket offers a free account for up to 5 users

3. Trac is an issue tracking system for software development projects (which you could use for any issue tracking really) which is free and open source

4. Want to send newsletters and marketing emails to your mailing list and get excellent tracking on the results? I prefer the experience with campaign monitor:
5. But you can do this completely free with mailchimp if you don’t mind their branding on your mail outs

6. Want to run a feedback survey or find out more about your customers? Do it free with survey monkey

7. Make flow-charts and diagrams with Gliffy, which is free if your diagrams are public and a free trial if you want to keep it private

General Knowledge

8. Someone just used some slang and you don’t know what it means? You can pretend you’ve known all along by looking it up on Urban Dictionary

9. No idea what a word means? Do a Google search for define:word and you get a definition above the results

10. Got asked a dumb question that the person could have found on Google? Why not show them how it’s done?

11. Someone making a bit of a wild claim? Say someone shared a list of magical things you can do with hydrogen peroxide and you’re a bit suspicious about the claims? They probably wrote about it on Snopes

12. Ever wondered how some thing works? What is a heart bypass operation? What is inflation? How does the manual transmission of a car work? Try

Useful Tools, Self Improvement Tips and Handy Things to Know

13. Travelling overseas or to a city you’ve never been? Check it out on on Wikitravel. Handy phrases, scams to watch out for and things to see

14. You don’t need a self-help book with bold claims and big ideas to make changes in your life. Sometimes a small tip could help a lot. Try Lifehacker

Need to design something but suck at design?

15. Pick a colour scheme

16. Find a font

17. Use this font picker

18. Make great looking infographics and diagrams with tons of existing resources with Piktochart. This does cost but their free trial can show you that it’s worth it

The Internet

19. Publishing content on the internet? You should think about how it’s going to be licensed. Try creative commons:

20. Project Gutenberg has 45,000+ free eBooks from the public domain. Ever wanted to read a classic?

21. Need to sign up with an email address but don’t want to get spammed? try a free disposable inbox:


22. Stumble upon a random site

23. Be careful with Reddit… this is a deep rabbit hole not fit for the faint hearted. But if you’re bored, you can’t go past the front page of the internet. More than once I’ve found a subreddit specialising in some topic that’s been able to help answer a question and solve a problem, and many communities are friendly and helpful. On the other hand most of Reddit is pretty insane so tread lightly.

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