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Recently Medium switched the way they give writers exposure. This switch prevented writers from submitting their content to any collection and instead focused more on sharing content with your followers. This switch means that Medium is no longer a strong platform for emerging content producers.

I recently wrote an article on Medium which I’ve since moved to my personal website: what happens when I can download a car

It was an experiment at increasing my exposure by leveraging their previously excellent publishing platform. I did have some general concerns about the lack of accessibility and their unconventional comment system. Yet the platform was widely considered a great way to get exposure.

Now that Medium users can’t submit their writing to any collection the platform has lost a lot of its allure. The focus on promoting your content to a set of followers which you share across social media relies on having existing followers. This means that writing an article on Medium provides very little incentive for me. After all – I already share my content on social media anyway.

I posted on Medium as an experiment. It was always risky splitting my content across multiple platforms and it is probably a safer bet to keep everything in one place.

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