Photo of Rick Dzekman

Solver of Problems and Knower of Things

…also a Digital Architect, Strategist & Project Manager. Mostly I’m involved in complex digital work that’s hard to put a job title on.

As a notorious jack of all trades, my true skill is the ability to learn quickly. To that end I have experience with the following:

  • Project Management – Both as a startup founder and as a Digital Project Manager
  • Client & Stakeholder Management – Liaising with all levels of stakeholders, from talking about programming paradigms with developers, to discuss the viability of business strategy with CEOs
  • User Experience Design – wireframes with a range of technology (my preference being pen and paper but also in Axure or in-browser with HTML/CSS)
  • UX Consulting & Business Analysis – stakeholder/user workshops, user research, qualitative & quantitative data analysis,  requirements gathering, functional & technical documentation, usability testing, persona development and UX strategy
  • Web Development – The standard gamut of web development: HTML,CSS/SASS/JavaScript/PHP/MySQL
  • Programming – I can code in Haskell, Python, PHP & Java plus some C
  • Data Science & machine learning – I have a solid understanding of analytics methods, from regression to deep learning, including natural language processing and efficient algorithms with CUDA
  • Big Data – I’ve taken courses in Big Data for both data analytics and machine learning with Apache Spark
  • Artificial Intelligence – I’ve written several articles focusing on my research into general artificial intelligence
  • Digital Strategy – Identifying technology landscapes, developing digital marketing strategies and choosing the best digital channels to communicate with customers
  • Pre-sales Architecture – Acting as the bridge between business, technical and sales resources


My experience ranges across a number of technologies: from cloud servers to PHP web-applications to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

My digital technology experience includes – PHP MVC Frameworks (CodeIgniter, CakePHP), CMS (Drupal, WordPress) and Intranet (SharePoint). Additionally I’m familiar with a range of SQL servers, including MySQL, Postgres & Oracle.

I have taken several courses in Big Data and Machine Learning, so am familiar with a range of Python based libraries as well as IBM SPSS Statistics. My skills include NumPy/Pandas, as well as scikit-learn and Google’s TensorFlow deep learning library. My Big Data skills are in Apache Spark using the PySpark library.


I have run digital projects for a range of organisations, including:

  • Government Agencies – ASIC, Department of Education
  • Corporate – UGL, DEXUS Property, JANA (part of NAB), Lilly Australia
  • Education – Deakin University, ANU, Charles Sturt & ICMS
  • Notable Smaller Businesses – Montgomery Investment, TurksLegal, Scott’s Refrigerated Freightways


I am one of the founders and team leader for – a startup focused on local search. We help travelers find the most popular things to do in cities around the world. Currently we get 20,000 unique visitors a month and spend $0 on marketing – this is driven by an SEO focused Digital Strategy and a web-app architecture powered by Foursquare.